What is dilation?
Dilation is when we put an eye drop in your eye to enlarge your pupils. This allows us to fully evaluate the health of your eyes. We often dilate those who do not have a known eye disease to confirm good ocular health.
Side effects of dilation are blurry vision and light sensitivity for a few hours after the appointment time.
What is presbyopia?
As you age, the muscles that your eye uses to focus on things that are close to you get weaker. This means that you will start to have blurry vision when you read. This generally starts happening around age 40 and progresses as you age. Glasses with bifocals and even multifocal contacts can help this condition.
What is InfantSEE?
InfantSEE is a service offered to infants 6-12 months of age. It is absolutely free if you have insurance or not. At these exams we are able to evaluate prescriptions, eye muscle funtion, eye alignment, and ocular health. Your baby will be dilated to evaluate some of these elements.

We ask that you keep in mind your baby's feeding and nap schedule so we get the best information! Bring some of his or her favorite toys as well!